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TLV Digital is the Tech division of the Tel Aviv Capital Holdings Corporation focuses on the exclusive distribution and representation of European tech companies in the Israeli market.

TLV Digital provides a wide range of solutions including  outsourced software development, fintech, medical imaging, E-commerce, cyber, and defense.

As the largest Israeli group in our domain, TLV Digital's mission is to constantly look for next-generation technologies and relentlessly pursue added value for our partners, customers, and vendors.

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Uri Shmueli Chairman of Tel Aviv Capital

I'm proud to share our vision for strengthening our position as a unique brand on a global scale. Our commitment to innovation and excellence distinguishes us in the competitive landscape, allowing us to forge valuable international partnerships.

Strategically, we are focused on enhancing our representation of European technology companies in Israel, with a particular emphasis on the Baltic countries. This region's remarkable progress in digital development and tech innovation aligns perfectly with our goals and values. By fostering these relationships, we can bring the best of Baltic technology to Israel, enriching our tech ecosystem and driving mutual growth.

Simultaneously, we are dedicated to introducing cutting-edge Israeli technologies to the Baltic countries. Our collaboration will not only enhance their tech infrastructure but also create new opportunities for Israeli innovations to thrive in the European market. 

Together, we will continue to build a strong, innovative, and globally recognized brand.

Uri Shmueli
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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TLV Digital was registered as Tech Holdings company

Tel Aviv Digital Office
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The Lithuanian representation opens


The Estonian representation opens

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