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Our company FAQ


Your questions - Our answers

Privately funded, TLV Capital enjoys the flexibility to select investment targets that demonstrate strong growth potential and reflect its core values: a passion for people, innovation, and value creation.​

  • What makes TLV Capital different?​
    Our approach is to focus on building private financial and technology companies from the early stages to the more mature stages of the business cycle. We are usually attracted to entrepreneurs with innovative business models. We are an agile and dynamic organization that provides partners with three differentiators: (1) We are the only private holdings company in Israel that focuses on the finance and tech sectors and operates in a model of establishing partnerships. (2) We bring leverage to unique business networks and industry relationships. (3) We have assembled top-tier management team with extensive experience in both the business and public sectors. TLV Capital is the only holding company where former members of parliament serve alongside CEOs and board members who retired from the largest business companies in the Israeli market.
  • Who are TLV Capital’s competitors?
    Our position in the local private investments landscape of Israel is unique. No other entity possesses a comparable combination of independence, experience and flexibility, along with access to regional and international markets.
  • What are TLV Capital’s preferred types of direct holdings?
    We seek direct, active minority holdings in established financial companies with competent management teams and reputable and experienced shareholders.
  • What is TLV Capital’s holding period?
    We take a flexible approach to each investment, so our holding period varies. We seek to capitalize on our advantage of being able to deploy patient long-term investment horizon and a focus on value creation.
  • Does TLV Capital invest directly in public companies?
    No, we do not invest directly in public companies. Our investment strategy is focused on local and international private companies.
  • Does TLV Capital participate in private placements in Israel?
    No, private placements generally involve passive equity stakes, which is not consistent with our local direct investment strategy of seeking active minority investments. However, we offer an attractive services through some of our subsidiaries for private companies seeking to raise capital and welcome the opportunity to explore bilateral transactions with high-growth private companies.
  • Does TLV Capital invest in the real estate sector in Israel?
    No, we don’t invest directly in the Israeli real estate sector. However, we may have indirect exposure to the real estate sector through our subsidiaries.
  • Does TLV Capital use external advisors as part of establishing new partnerships?
    Yes, as part of our partnerships establishment, we perform due diligence on potential investee companies, which may include financial, legal, technical, and/or commercial due diligence. Our process usually involves collaboration between our management team and selected external advisors with specialized expertise in various fields of due diligence.
  • How long does TLV Capital take to complete due diligence on a potential new partnership establishment?
    The time needed to complete due diligence on the establishment of new partnerships varies according to the cooperation of the entrepreneurs' team and the transparency, accuracy, and timeliness of the information we receive.
  • Does TLV Capital invest directly in capital markets?
    No, we do not invest directly in capital markets.
  • How can we share an investment and partnerships opportunity with TLV Capital?
    We are always looking to support great ideas, great entrepreneurs, and great companies, so please share your proposed investment opportunity with us at

We’re always open to meeting new people, discussing innovative ideas, and exploring new partnerships.

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